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Hypnosis is a safe treatment for children…

Hypnosis Is a Safe Treatment for Children : Internal Medicine News Clinicians have known for quite some time that that hypnosis is an important adjunctive therapy for …

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Imagination, Placebo, Hypnosis

  WIRED, the bible of the technorati, in a feature by one of journalism’s most consistently fascinating writers, Steve Silberman, reports a supremely interesting phenomenon.   Placebos, those inactive little sugar pills with no biological effect, may have doubled in curative power over the past decade or so. Driving pharmaceutical manufacturers, who routinely spend $100 million […]

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Science by scientists. Check it out.

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Yasochka, once, was told that the Russian language holds a word, a unique word, that, translated, means the glittering of light on breakers or between the leaves of a tree: Yasochka. What could possibly be more hypnotic than that? Just the sound of it is enough to send us, here, into Trance. (We would be grateful […]

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When I consider thy heavens

The Summer Night Sky and Constellations, in panorama, here. Click.  Then drag your cursor. First: Prepare to be mesmerized. More amazing panoramas at Thanks to Anna Jorgensen for this splendid discovery. Now: Psalm 8: When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, […]

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